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Can't see nuthin' by Kojackjr Can't see nuthin' :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 9 3 Smissmas Card: Merry Smissmas from the Field Bros by Kojackjr Smissmas Card: Merry Smissmas from the Field Bros :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 9 1 The Long Run by Kojackjr The Long Run :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 11 2
Nightmare Mode: Corruption of the AI
Nightmare Mode

Corruption of the AI
[Team Fortress 2 Fan-Fiction]
Chapter 3

    Time had ticked away quickly and soon Garfield was asleep at his workstation, taking a break from the tinkering on his son, and Sallie had gone back to her room for the night. However, not everyone was asleep; the large table that carried Kojack began to shake and a heavy blue glow emitted from the android's chest, it then started to strengthen and weaken at the rate of a heartbeat.
    Kojack pushed himself onto his rear and sat on the edge of the table; he noticed that his chest panel was open and closed it before sliding off of the table. His bootless feet hit the floor with a metallic clank, though not loud enough to wake up the old engineer nearby. The half-naked machine made his way out of the workshop and followed the signs
:iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 3 1
MAGEK by Kojackjr MAGEK :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 10 0
Nightmare Mode: Corruption of the AI
Nightmare Mode

Corruption of the AI

[Team Fortress 2 Fan-Fiction]
Chapter 2

    Several lights flickered on, revealing a room full of repair supplies, engineering equipment, and one large table with the inflated body of a heavy weapons, however he had exposed mechanical body parts and internal units. This was the body of Kojack, two weeks after the end of The Grey Depression. An old engineer in brown clothing tinkered away at the android's arm, removing the extra bits added by the legionnaires during war times, and after parting the excess muscle from the actual metal leg he gripped a handful of flesh-like substance from a nearby bucket and molded it over the hand and biceps of the detached body part, creating a skin over it. He placed the arm back in it's the socket, he then turned on his welder and began to re-attach the arm to the body.
    The old man grabbed a b
:iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 3 1
Lord Saxile by Kojackjr Lord Saxile :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 14 7
Nightmare Mode: Corruption of the AI
Nightmare Mode

Corruption of the AI

[Team Fortress 2 Fan-Fiction]
Chapter 1


Picture is self-made
    The Grey Wars, or better known as the Grey Depression, was a time period when the original nine mercenaries were no longer employed by Mann Co. and their companies shut down. Grey had taken it upon to himself to eradicate, or "liberate", any stragglers left after their jobs had been taken from them, but he was met with resistance. Many of the mercenaries knew that he would hunt them down if they simply gave up and left, so they stayed to fight
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Backstory Time!: Gar De Field by Kojackjr Backstory Time!: Gar De Field :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 8 2 Papa Kobama by Kojackjr Papa Kobama :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 17 5
Joel 2:30-32: The Apocalypse
Joel 2:30-32: The Apocalypse

Fallout Universe Based Fan Fiction

Page Four

Wall of Doors

The stairs went up several flights, stopping at many floors but ending at a sixth floor. Phillip stopped to take a breathe, grabbing the railing that finished off the flight of stairs at the top floor. The key he was given read "6-05", one of the few available rooms left since the town didn't have any permanent residents, Phil narrowed his eyes along the wall full of doors until he saw the room labelled "05".
The door's lock squeaked open as the key turned in the lock, and the scratchy wooden door slowly pushed into the room. The room was old and the floor creaked with every step covered in wood tiles, not properly covering the floor, and white walls covered in dark stains. Though the quality didn't matter to Phillip and the second he spotted the bed he dropped his supplies by the door and rushed over, flopping face first onto t
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An Oily Encounter by Kojackjr An Oily Encounter :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 16 5 Backstory Time: 841X6 by Kojackjr Backstory Time: 841X6 :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 16 3 Splinter's Ballbusters - Ballbust'az by Kojackjr Splinter's Ballbusters - Ballbust'az :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 9 1 Picnic on the War-Grounds by Kojackjr Picnic on the War-Grounds :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 15 1 Hard Times by Kojackjr Hard Times :iconkojackjr:Kojackjr 13 2
Potato Salad


New Video - Spaceball Slam by Uncle-Crusty New Video - Spaceball Slam :iconuncle-crusty:Uncle-Crusty 3 6 Floyd Cover by AzogThePale Floyd Cover :iconazogthepale:AzogThePale 19 3 Spyro the Dragon [SFM] by King-Sangos Spyro the Dragon [SFM] :iconking-sangos:King-Sangos 15 3 A little Gift by TheFancyDrunkMan A little Gift :iconthefancydrunkman:TheFancyDrunkMan 26 20 Practice With Fonts (Starring Niel) by Nylten Practice With Fonts (Starring Niel) :iconnylten:Nylten 38 9
Guess what kids
Okay so i had an idea to bring back something that nobody has seen in... Ages Hell not many will even remember it. I am thinking about bringing back the Daga comics. Most people are not aware of this but back in... Fuckin ages ago i made a series of cmoics called the daga. Cause coming up with names sucks. But for thoughs of you who remember them, i may be bringing them back. But if i got like only just 3 people wanting it back. My brain will go into that mood of. "not worth it thing" and i will end up doing something else. So do you want me to bring it back. If not enough people want it back it might end up staying in history. Though with that said if people want to help there is a way. You see i had many people in the daga series who enjoyed their parts. Also back then i sucked at remembering peoples loadouts pffft what a moron... wait wha-ANYWAY I FOUND A WAY TO GET PEOPLE MOTIVATED FOR IT. AND HELP OUT & STUFF! also if you want to get any ideas about the daga just check the dag
:iconsendaga:Sendaga 2 23 by Uncle-Crusty
Mature content :iconuncle-crusty:Uncle-Crusty 30 21
TF2 OCs are not real
having a tf2 class with a loadout from hexed items from the workshop doesn't count as an original character!
a real tf2 OC has to be completely different to the other classes and characters in the tf2 universe (a custom model made from scratch e.g a new class)
and not just another goddamn RED Scout with a fedora bone-merged to his retarded head along with some edgy name.
you choose scout because you wanna be a skinny white honkey ass cracker but in reality you look like this:

but Gizka!?! what about your demoman with a voltorb with his head?
well you see old chum I never claimed that he was an OC, for you see the Demoman is my favourite class and voltorb is my favourite pokemon, so I put them together back in 2010 for my videos (but then videos went to shit because fuck effort right?)
and so on and so on.
so remember kids tf2 loudouts are not OCs plus you're a fat ass cracker bitch with a fedora!
have a nice day my wonderful friends of the people
:icongizkafreechman:GizkaFreechman 12 18
New Video - Cloudy Moon Resort server video. by Uncle-Crusty New Video - Cloudy Moon Resort server video. :iconuncle-crusty:Uncle-Crusty 12 2 The dark lord arrives... by stabkamay
Mature content
The dark lord arrives... :iconstabkamay:stabkamay 289 66
Internet Axis Powers by TheImperialCombine Internet Axis Powers :icontheimperialcombine:TheImperialCombine 10 14 4Chan x deviantArt - The Aftermath by Rotneybot 4Chan x deviantArt - The Aftermath :iconrotneybot:Rotneybot 33 23
Cool Stuff by Cool People, this stuff really tickles me knee.



This accounts gonna be dead, a lot. I've gotten my ass handed to me by school, some stupid stuff, four-wheelers, and etc.

Also, while they were big a while ago, I really wouldn't expect me to finish any of those series-thingies I started a while ago. So please don't.
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Kojackjr, Pentacentennial Man
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I was a robot, but after a two-hundred year incident, I became an android, or at least a robot with a suit of skin over the robot parts. I was created by a fat orange cat that was incredibly intelligent, fought combine with a soup ladel, and was mute but could still talk, then he went crazy and grew a big white beard. So I am used to some crazy stuff.

Oh hey, I forgot I have an OC, here you go:
Zepheniah's Greed Hard Counter
Robo-Heavy Roman Shoulder Armor
Pyrovision Goggles
Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun
Apparatchiks Apparel (Any Style)
Pocket Medic / Little Tychus who tells me to do evil things.
No specific team, all based on situation.

Feel free to add me on steam though, and get hints at what will eventually be released!…

Friends :D
Best Bud For Life:
Coolest Necrophiliac in Town:
Everybody's Favorite Not-So-Uncle:
Burned Down My Workshop and Only Gets Cooler!:
Favorite Elf and Good Friend:
Best Damn Marine:
Silent but Deadly Spy from Denmark:
Drinking Buddy:
Gentlemanly Pyro:
The Lord and The Princess, that are married:
This Guy is Nutter Butters, but he's AWESOME!:
He's like my Scooby to my Shaggy:
At first I thought he was gay...jkluvyufarus:
Mama Heavy:
Keep your head low when his guns loaded:
It's The Kyoto Show:
She's got a thing for that Soldier booty:
Conductor of the Hue Train Mark II:
Bogy, y u du dis?:
I'm pretty sure this is the VO for the guy from Postal:
Soldier Boi:

Skullzie: :icondementedmind96: <3~ So lovely.

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