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Potato Salad


Cool Stuff by Cool People, this stuff really tickles me knee.


 Joel 2:30-32: The Apocalypse

Fallout Universe Based Fan Fiction

Page Three

Behind Steel Walls

Both metal doors winded open and following their every movement came the loud sound of metal whining, though, for once it was a good sign.

Small clouds of dust particles floated around the bottoms of the metal doors as they pushed open, revealing the rather large town with a sign hanging from a small metal arch, stating only one thing.


It wasn't the most beautiful town, nor the cleanest, but anything was better than nothing to Phillip. There were smaller signs attached to the savaged metal pathway that directed which of the makeshift streets led where and the one that stuck out to Phillip the most was the one labelled "Motel". Quickly, he tightened the straps of his backpack and rushed down the path towards the motel.

The door to the motel swung open, as Phillip closed in on it, with two people, both males, slugging one another in a form of drunken brawl. Phil stood to the side, letting the tumbleweed of action pass before getting any closer to the building, before calmly walking into the opened door.

The front area was a restaurant that smelled of burnt cigars and working ovens, stains cloaking most of the counter that chopped off the kitchen from the rest of the lounging area. There stood a bearded man behind the counter, his ripped attire resembled an old biker outfit, covered in dust from years of use, and he himself seemed to be what was making the cigarette smell fill the bar, judging by the one that stood lit in between his lips. One stool stood open between a blacked out man in only rags and a dapper man with his dusty trilby to tip off his old black suit, Phillip took the empty seat before one of those drunken brawlers came back to reclaim it.

The man in rags stunk of vomit, although after the journey Phil had he was able to cope with it.

Several bottles lay around the ragged man's head, his face in dried substance that was only assumed to be what he last ate, Phil pushed the bottles away from his side of the counter and took his seat, letting his supplies rest against the bottom of the counter. Phillip peeked to his right, noticing the dapper male having a sip from a glass, too big to be a shot, but too small to make him hit the floor, before turning to face the kitchen.

It was as expected, dirty and using scavenged Pre-War kitchen equipment hooked to a rigged system of electricity. A pile of beer glasses stacked in the sink waiting for a brave soul to scrub them and an ashtray next to the stove for the bartender, who also seemed to be the only chef. Far in the back was a shut door with a sign labelled only as "Poker Room", probably concealing a nicer back area for gambling, and to the far left of the counter was two flights of stairs, one down and the other up both labelled for rooms.

The bartender placing his hands down in front of Phil was the only thing that distracted him from looking around the building any further. Chunks of cigarette ash bumping off his lit stick landing between his two hands, his attention on Phil.

"What'll you have?" he asked in his gravelly voice, smoke slipping through his teeth quickly finding it's way into Phillips face.

Backing up and waving the smoke out of his face, Phillip managed to mutter a hacked reply.

"How much is a room?" he coughed out, shielding his face from the wave of cigarette smoke.

Phils reaction to the bartender's way of interaction must have amused the man, as the bartender gave a slight chuckle before opening a drawer from the other side of the counter and pulling out a slip of paper, squinting to read from it. Phillip had finally gotten used to the smoke and straightened up, only now noticing the dapper man to his right had left before turning back to the bartender who was ready with a response.

"That's about....Fifty caps for one day." He uttered, placing the used up cigarette into the ashtray on the counter, though it already had many cigarette butts in it.

"Alright." Phil said as he reached down into his backpack and unzipped one of the larger pockets, beginning to count out his caps. The bartender eyed him, giving his beard a tug as he listened to the black male count silently.

As soon as he hit fifty, Phillip placed the pile of caps on the counter and grinned at the bartender.

Joel 2:30-32: The Apocalypse
Kind've a long descriptive set-up to end abruptly before you see what room he gets, but I wanted to leave that for Page Four. Anyway. I'm sorry for the long boring set-up. I promise some shit will happen with the people you've just met. (Probably not Mr. Rags though).

Still getting used to writing, this is about my fourth piece and third in this series! But stick through it with me fellas! Smiley's set up may be a long one, but it's one you won't regret!

Credits to:
Fallout Universe belongs to Bethesda Software!
BlackBox Servers for the Unique experience!
Best Stories Ever
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Don't be mad, but again I gotta bring up some stuff and other stuff and more stuff that you might not agree with.
So here's titles to catch your attention, we all know you wouldn't tune in if you didn't see BIG WORDS...and pictures.

The Grey Wars

Well, for starters I've lost a shit ton of inspiration for this. While I'm not cancelling it yet you should know I have the next prologue part in storage, I just have to get off my ass and make Speech Bubbles.

This has been pushed aside to make way for side projects, most of them are writing projects that I've talked to :iconwario-girl: about. Again, please don't get anal if you like that you're in the series and don't show up for awhile, kplzdontgetmadiluvyu

Mash-up Nights

Uhh, Saturdays because school and jobs for people. That's all. kthxbai

Also don't start drama and shit, I've had enough of what I've seen and I've screwed one friends friendship with someone else up already by getting involved so I'd rather just not get involved in that, and I'd also just not like to see it, so don't DON'T START SHIT UNLESS YOU WANNA GET HIT. okay luv yu bai.


The fuck man, it's a journal.
Good Luck, Have Fun
No Hanky Panky y'all

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